The Staircases to a Successful Telemarketing

You use the stairway to go from one area to another. However, in order to get from point A to point B, you have to step in every case of the stairway. You have to be very careful to shy away from falling. When you have reached your destination, look back and evaluate the path you have just made. When there is an error, then you have to correct it the next time. If everything is well, you need to add little improvements.

The same is true with lead generation through telemarketing. It takes one step at a time. You cannot skip even a step because it might be the only reason that your company falls. Imagine neglecting appointment setting. Do you think there is a possibility, even in the slightest, that a sale can be closed?

Telemarketing is not child’s play nor a teenage fling. When you have eyes like a hawk, you might see its complexities and toughness. However, when the right plans and effective implementations are conceived, telemarketing can be your best weapon.

Speaking is in itself a skill, and so is listening. When the two are in balance, there is a guarantee that prospects will not hang up, appointments are going to be set and sales will be realized. The agents or telemarketers of a telemarketing company need to possess both abilities. They are one of the primary reasons for the success or failure of the lead generation programs.

To guide every operator, here are helpful steps to a prosperous telemarketing:

I. Dedication and Motivation

Primarily, a telemarketer is geared with skills, intelligence, professional behavior and exemplary conduct. However, it is with dedication and motivation that is most important in a profession. A competitive agent who lacks the spirit to do their job is not at all different with those who do not have the competency. A less stimulated operator will not be able to perform well in the workplace.

II. Know the products and services by heart.

Ignorance of a company’s products and services is an outright telemarketing sin. Agents must be able to have the relevant information necessary to answer prospect’s every issue, concern or problem. In addition, knowing both the prospect and the products is a surefire way to a healthy customer relationship.

III. Have a call guide.

In order to spontaneously deliver good messages and to avoid making mistakes, telephone operators must have call guides. The purpose of this is for them not to forget to relay the bone and meat of their calls. Before initiating the beep, agents must constantly practice the script to build-up confidence and mastery. However, call guides, as the name suggests, should only be a guide. Every phone call ought to be customized and personalized relative to the specific needs and wants of each sales lead.

IV. Decorum

Though prospects might not be see the callers, conduct over the phone is still palpable. Attitude can be figured out through the tone and pace of the voice, the way a dialogue is delivered, the time lapses and the likes. Anger, impatience and dullness must not be shown while calling. To present a positive mood, agents should always keep a smiling face.

V. Do not forget the basics.

Pleasantries such as good morning are one way of opening and conducting a conversation. Telemarketers must always remember to be courteous to every sales prospect. More often than not, a simple “Thank you!” or “Please.” sparks a good impression.

Telemarketing – Rigorous Analytics Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Application of the scientific method to any operation can help make it systematic and measurable, bringing in an element of control to the process. Telemarketing campaigns can also be put to experimentation to see if the measures are working out fine and yielding good results. Based on the outcome, proper steps can be taken to improve the process and make it more effective.

A scientific experiment consists in framing a hypothesis in form of an informed and educated guesswork. This hypothesis can then be put to test by adjusting variables and measuring results against a control. The guesswork can then be systematically streamlined and replaced by better and proven methods of campaigning.

Here are a few tips on how to go about improving a telemarketing campaign using the experimental method:

Refer to previous campaigns to set standards. Campaigns undertaken in the past by the same company or even a different one can be used as guides to set standards for subsequent operations. In doing so, both the methodology used and the results obtained can be studied to establish a benchmark and prepare a framework for running the campaign. This is how knowledge in the form of past experience can be used to add value to the campaign.

Experiment with different scripts and compare results. The guiding script ideas for a telemarketing call can be tweaked and tried with different approaches. By varying the areas of emphasis, level of aggression in closing a deal, degree of persuasion etc. and the optimum measures of the aspects can be reached. Comparing the results of the various approaches can prove to be immensely helpful.

Track the performance of telemarketing callers. The telemarketing caller is the single most important variable that determines the success or failure of any given campaign. Analyzing the results of each of the callers will not only help single out the best callers to bank on them but also to get rid of the poorest callers who are liabilities rather than assets to the company.

Figure out the time of the day when calls are most effective. Depending on the characteristics of the product and the prospective customers for the same there has to be some time of the day when the telemarketing calls happen to be most result bearing. This can be figured out by simply varying the time slots to make the calls and then comparing the results to see which time is most suitable.

Reach out to the right audience. Connecting to the right target audience is by far the most important decision to be made in telemarketing calls. This can be fine-tuned only by examining the response rates of various sections of the audience. The caller list can be broadened if the number of positive responses is high till the rates start to diminish substantially. By maintaining a proper record of calls to various segments, the most responsive groups can be singled out and focused.

Tweak price levels to evoke positive response. The success of a call depends to a large extent on the pricing model of a given product or service. On the other hand, it can also prove to be the greatest hindrance in evoking a positive response from clients even if the initial response to the call has been good enough. If competitive pricing is making a huge difference in the volumes of sales, it is worth taking the risk. Higher volumes can make up for the concessions offered.

Identify whether problems relate to the product or the process. Negative results can broadly be traced back to either the product or the process. One can try different methodologies to the same product or same approach to different products to be able to find out where the problem lies. Professional telemarketing companies with huge capacities can run multiple campaigns to draw appropriate feedback and put things in order.

The method of scientific experimentation had transformed the very thought process of human beings through its systematic approach. These tried-and-tested techniques can also be fruitfully used to revolutionize telemarketing campaigns and enhance sales.